One CLI for all automations

Ritchie is an open source tool that allows you to create, store and share automations safely. It also optimizes repetitive commands to allow the user to have more autonomy when programming.

How does it work?

Ritchie transforms scripts into formulas and executes them through command lines automatically and interactively. Just inform or select the arguments as they are requested. If you need to search for a credential, the tool automatically searches the Vault ( Team) or local files (Single).

Example of formula

The best developer experience

Less bureaucracy, more independence

Developers have more autonomy to work on their projects, with less interference from other areas.

Share with the community

Ritchie formulas can be stored in public repositories on Github.

Ensure the security of your credentials

On Ritchie, credentials are encrypted and stored in


Contribute to Ritchie

Versions for all developers

Team or Single, one of them is perfect for your project



  • Formulas shared in public Github repository (ritchie-formulas)

  • Formulas stored only on the local machine

  • Credentials encrypted on the local machine

  • Local authentication simply and safely

Download the version

Companies already creating formulas with Ritchie