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Your customizable automation tool

Ritchie CLI is an open source product that allows you to create, store and share any kind of automations, executing them through command lines, to run operations or start workflows..


Multi Platform Support

Works on Linux, MacOS and Windows!

Multi Languages Support

Formulas can be coded in any programming language.

Centralized Tools

Create and customize the CLI to centralize your tools. All in one place.


You can automate anything in any language… so everyone can use it!

How does it work? Through Formulas!

In Ritchie's context, a formula is a script that can be executed automatically or interactively through a command line.

Adapting an existing script to Ritchie structure allows you to run it locally or through Docker, and to share it on a Github or Gitlab repository.

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Our team is open to suggestions and would be happy to discuss the present Ritchie CLI to your team and You can also open issues on our github repository

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